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McKean Bros. Freezer Beef

From Our Family to Yours
Pasture Raised, Corn Finished, Hormone Free

Pasture raised at the cow's side from the time the grass pokes through the snow until it is time for beginning the grain ration.  The corn finishing ration develops and enhances the marbling (intramuscular fat) which gives each Angus steak its excellent flavor.  This is the necessary nutrition to produce the desired white fat color and rich steak flavor.


All our freezer beef is raised on our family farm from a herd which dates back over 100 years with a genetic selection emphasizing carcass quality.  We keep our animals hormone free throughout their life to keep the consumer free of worry. 

The process is quite simple.  The customer chooses whether to purchase a quarter, half, or full beef.  The cost is a flat per lb. price that includes all processing fees, but will vary according on the weight of the carcass.   We will work with you to try and get you the amount you'd like if it's within the range of a typical carcass.

Below we have included an image showing the cuts of meat you can expect to receive out of an Angus carcass.  An average 1,150 lb. steer yields a 714 lb. carcass with 568 lbs. of retail cuts.  


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