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About McKean Bros. LLC

Our Family

We, Greg and Peggy McKean, are the owners and managers of McKean Bros. Together we have three (mostly) grown children; Cody, Marshall and Rachel.  Together we are the 4th generation of Angus breeders in Greg's family and our children are the 5th generation to own and breed Angus cattle in Mercer, PA.


Family members have been involved in many aspects of the Angus breed, from the showring to the meat processing facility to the grocery store.  On both a local and national level we have done our best to learn what goes into quality Angus cattle.  We try to apply every bit of what we have learned from so many excellent resources to our family operation.  Since this industry provides our full livelihood, we also do our best to give back to it in any way possible.

Farm History

The first Angus cattle that founded the herd we have today were purchased in 1914 by Frank Woods, Greg's maternal great-grandfather.  Those cattle created a foundation which slowly grew through the years until 1972 when Greg's parents, Bob and Peggy, bought the original 250 acre home farm, which now includes over 1000 acres.  This is where Bob and Peggy raised their four sons.  It was also the founding of McKean Bros. and the beginning of Greg's education in Angus stewardship.


While Greg was attending Penn State University, he and Bob bought an interest in PS Powerplay while still a calf to act as their herd bull.  This decision changed the small Angus herd forever as he went on to become one of the most influential sires in the Angus breed with offspring throughout North America, South America, and Australia.  


After graduating Penn State, Greg came home and took over full operation of the farm while his parents ran a Shur-fine grocery store, which was one of the first to market Certified Angus Beef in the country.  With family in both meat processing and retail, Greg has always been attentive of the process from pasture to plate. This has been instrumental in determining the type of cattle we at McKean Bros. try our best to produce. 


Our cattle today are bred to be functional, low maintanence cattle with the end goal of providing beef for the table.  Our seedstock operation strives to provide bulls and females with similar, high quality phenotypes and a well rounded genetic profile to our customers all across the country.  Every breeding decision is based on what that animal will produce years down the line.  Our greatest pride is a customer returning to once again use our genetics to improve his own.  This is our story so far, with much to be written.

The McKean Family by Certified Angus Beef (2015)

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