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Feed Your Family!

We have freezer beef available!  Pasture raised, corn finished, hormone free beef.  Quarters, halves, and wholes available.  Contact Us via email (, our website contact page, or call either (724) 475-4450 or (724) 699-1966.  See our freezer beef page for more information if you have questions.

About us

McKean Brothers are a family owned Angus seed stock operation in Mercer, PA.  We pride ourselves on producing consistent, sound breeding stock that can fit into all environments.  

Latest News 
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McKean Bros. Annual Sale

We are extremely excited with the offering for this year. It's as balanced and deep of a group of bulls and females that we've ever offered. There's some for everyone but we always try for a balanced profile and feel we've achieved it with this group. Thanks for checking us out.


CAB Brand the Barn October 3, 2018

McKean Brothers was the 37th barn painted out of 40 for the campaign to celebrate 40 years of Certified Angus Beef ®.  

The McKean Family

    by Certified Angus Beef (2015)


We are very honored to have been chosen to represent Angus producers for the latest CAB campaign.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us via our form.  If you want to join our catalog mailing list please include the request with an address.  Also, like our Facebook page if you're the social media type.



The McKeans

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